Sunday, 20 April 2014

Foundation Rotation

Do you ever find yourself neglecting certain products, because you have too many of them and you just never get around to using them? I'm like that with foundations. I have about six and several BB creams, so some sit around collecting dust. I've decided that I'm going to try and use each one for a period of several weeks, just so they actually get used. Here are my recent picks...

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte
I've used this in a previous FOTD if you want to see how it wears. This foundation is great because its so cheap but still delivers full coverage. The texture is thick and mousse-like, but still blends really easily. Wear time is good, but I find it can rub off pretty easily. As for matte-ness, it seems to maintain oil control well but I don't really have oily I'm not the best person to ask. I wore this for about two weeks in a row, as I took it on a week long trip away and kept using it for a while after.

Arbonne Foundation*
I have reviewed this previously. I wore this foundation every day during my two week placement. It's medium coverage, very light on the skin and easy to blend. It also lasts all day without a primer. I can't really fault this foundation on its performance, it gives a slightly dewy finish that lasts all day for a fresh faced look. The only drawback is the price, its about $55AUD, from memory.  

Rimmel Match Perfection
I did not like this foundation initially. It's very watery and runny. It also smells like shampoo. But with time, I have found myself liking it. It's great for light coverage to even out skin tone and it also gives a slight glow. It covers some redness, but it won't hide blemishes. My skin is generally pretty good so it's fine to use, but for bad skin days, this wouldn't be enough. Without a primer, the lasting power of this is not great - I'd say about 4-5 hours later, its worn off. I've been wearing this all week and probably will for a little while. Again, this foundation is relatively cheap (I bought it on sale, 50% off for $9!!) so I'm happy with it.

I think this method of rotating foundations is a good way for me to use some of my less-used foundations. I'll probably switch to wearing some of my BB Creams (of which I have 5, 1 unopened though) so stay tuned! 

Do you try and rotate products too?

*product was provided for consideration and has been reviewed in accordance with my disclosure policy

Friday, 18 April 2014

FOTN: Holiday drinks

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully you are all enjoying a few relaxing days off. I've got a week off uni (although many assignments to do...) but its nice to not have anything on! Last night I had a few drinks with a friend at the pub, here is what was on my face...

 Urban Decay Naked Palette
MAC Lipstick in 'Plumful'
Essence Metal Glam Highlighter in 'Gold Digger'
Elf Blush in 'Berry Merry'

Now seeing as every man and his dog knows what the Naked palette looks like, let me focus on the star performers of this FOTN...

Elf Blush in 'Berry Merry 
MAC Lipstick in 'Plumful'
Essence Metal Glam Highlighter in 'Gold Digger'

If you've seen my other FOTD/FOTN posts, you will have seen this blush before. It's such a gorgeous plum colour with golden sparkle. It's probably one of the cheapest but most used blushes in my collection. The MAC lipstick is a new addition to the collection and I know that this colour is adored by many in the blogging world. Initially I was like meh, but now I see why everyone loves it. It's a lovely deep plum colour that looks quite glossy and sheer, but can be built up. I suppose I mostly buy statement lip colours these days but this one is so pretty, without being in your face. I feel like I'll be wearing this one a lot! And finally, the Essence highlighter. This one is also a new purchase and actually my first Essence makeup product. It's safe to say I am extremely pleased with this. It looked like a dupe of the Balm's Mary-Lou Luminizer so I had to get it. I used a powder brush to gently pick up some powder and sweeped it across my cheekbones - it gives such a gorgeous glow! For more info about this gem, check out Basmah's post on her fave highlighters.

I feel like the flash has washed out some of the colours a bit, but you get the idea. I hate that it gets dark so early now, taking pics at night is difficult!

No flash - you can see the true colour of the lippy a bit better. On my lids, I've used smog from the Naked palette as an all over lid colour.

And finally...

The perfume of the night - I adore this perfume and wear it all the time! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend :) xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rainy Day

Finally, a day off after not having any days off for weeks! I had a pretty cruisey day of doing some uni work and also a bit of shopping.

On the face:
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Sleek Blush in 'Rose Gold'
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Demure'
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner

Here's a FOTD with minimal makeup - yep, what I look like on a daily basis. 

Oh and I was wearing a new jumper today!

I think I should have gone a size smaller (but the last time I did that with Asos, it was a little TOO small). Hmm. I do enjoy buying clothes off Asos though. 

I rarely go outside without a spritz of perfume. This was today's pick. I loove this one, and the bottle is super pretty. 

So I did do a spot of shopping, this was the only beauty related item though...

Go home box, you're drunk

I'm determined to fade the mark left behind on my face from the spider bite. It's not that noticeable in pics but it's pretty evident in real life. I've been using a scar solution called Dermatix for 2 months and haven't really noticed much of a difference - maybe because its more suited to raised scars, whereas this scar is just discolouration. Has anyone used Bio Oil before? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So that's it from me today. I apologise that the photos are not the best, it was horribly dark and rainy outside which makes it hard to take good photos.

Take care xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bioderma vs Garnier Micellar Water

It's the question of the month - is the Garnier Micellar Water as effective as the dearly beloved Bioderma? I previously did a post on the Garnier water and was so impressed by it that I bought a mini Bioderma to take on a week-long trip away.

To be honest, there is little difference between them.  They both have a very slight smell and exactly the same water-like consistency. I mean, if I were none the wiser, I'd think someone had just filled up a bottle of water at the tap.

Lets have a look at some pictures to see how they compare...

So, first I am going to try a couple of products that come off easily - blush, tinted lipbalm and BB cream. I'll compare how well each one removes the products.

Sleek Blush in 'Sunrise'
Maybelline Colour Whisper in 'Lust for Blush'
Rimmel BB Cream

On the left hand side, I have used one swipe of the Garnier micellar water. Everything looks like it has been removed pretty well.

On the right hand side, I have used Bioderma (and left a little section in the middle to separate the two). Again, everything has been wiped down well! So they both effectively remove these types of products without much tugging, one swipe seems sufficient. 

Now let's move on to some more stubborn products...

Maybelline Unstoppable Crayon Eyeliner
Face of Australia Liquid Liner
Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in 'Lovesick'
MAC Lipstick in 'Girl About Town'

Again, on the left I have used one swipe of the Garnier water. Does a decent job with the lip products, not too great with the eye products though. It does require a bit of work to get eyeliner off I find. 

On the right, I have used one swipe of Bioderma. You can probably see it performs better than the Garnier water....the liquid liner has been removed a lot better, as have the lippies. 

With a little bit more wiping, you can manage to get everything off with the Garnier water. So while it appears that the Bioderma is slightly more efficient at removing longer-wearing products, you can still remove everything completely with the Garnier water too. The end result is the same, it just takes a bit more time to get there! 

So in conclusion...they are both very effective. The Garnier one is much cheaper and works pretty much just as well, but if you're devoted to Bioderma then by all means, stick with it. I think I'll definitely repurchase the Garnier one when I run out. 

What are your thoughts on these micellar waters?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

This week's haul

I have been quite good with spending lately I think...being so busy means no time to spend money. Anyway, on my lunch break the other day, I popped into Big W...

Big W buys

Some of the jewellery was priced to clear. Now, I am actually quite lacking in the jewellery/accessory department...I have a lot of fancy stone jewellery (not bragging, just explaining a point) that my dad buys me when he goes overseas for work, which is great, but I generally don't have many occasions where I can actually get away with wearing it. So on a day to day basis, I'm usually very plain. Why not buy a few things that I can wear on casual days? I'm wearing the purple studs today and they're soo cute! Also the Lipsmackers kit was a total nostalgia buy. I used these exact flavours when I was young and adored them. I love strawberry lip balm!

And I also placed an order with Pretty Serious Cosmetics! Their indie nail polishes look stunning. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the polishes themselves, by the time I got home on Friday it was 5pm so I was lucky enough to snap this picture. No doubt you'll see pictures when I use the polishes! The box at the top is actually a loose eyeshadow, its a deep brown chocolate colour. It only cost me $2 (on sale) for 5g so it's an excellent price. Again, you'll probably encounter it in a post in the future.

And those are my little purchases from the week! What goodies have you been buying lately?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Benefit Do The Bright Thing Review

I often lust over Benefit products, but I don't actually own much at all. In fact, other than the samples of the mascara I've acquired through various beauty boxes etc, the only thing I've purchased is the Girl Meets Pearl highlighter. I would love to try more but the prices really put me off. So when I saw the 'Do The Bright Thing!' kit on Strawberry Net for $22 I had to snap it up. This deal is over now but I wanted to share with you a stand out product in this kit...

It's about the size of a small paperback book. So cute and portable!

That Gal Brightening Face Primer
Dandelion Blush
High Beam Illuminator
Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner
They're Real Mascara

To be honest, 95% of the reason I bought this was for High Beam. While it's only the mini size, I don't think it's possible to ever finish up an illuminator so it doesn't really matter to me. The mascara is also a plus because I use it a lot, in most of my FOTD/FOTN posts actually! 

 So cute!

Dandelion blush
High Beam

I haven't actually used the primer yet and I'm not totally sure how to use it. I'm wondering if it might leave me looking a bit pale. As for the blush, it shows up on me as a faint natural glow which can be built up. I feel it may not show up on darker skin tones. It swatches beautifully and feels silky so it can be built up without going chalky. And High Beam...OMG so pretty!! The applicator is a little unusual (nail polish brush) so I dab some onto my finger before applying. It is absolutely stunning.

Swatches in sunlight

How pretty does High Beam look in the light? I'm so in love!!

Overall I am quite glad I bought this kit. It's a great way for me to try out some Benefit products. While I may not use all of them, I'm very pleased with some of the items (can you guess which one is my fave?) so I will enjoy this! Next on my list to try is a Benefit boxed blush...maybe Rockateur...I'll have to keep an eye out for any sales!

Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

FOTD: Engagement party

So on the weekend I attended another engagement party. Everyone is getting engaged these days it seems! I must be at that age...eek. Anyway, I had very limited time to get ready because I had to work and the party started at lunchtime so I was pretty rushed.

MUA Undressed palette
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
Rimmel Apocalips in 'Solstice'
Elf Studio Blush in 'Berry Merry'

Sadly, because I was so hurried I didn't really get to take many decent photos on my camera. I took a few selfies on my phone in the car, one of which I posted on Instagram (but I cheated, because I put a filter on it). Here is what my face looked like:

My skin isn't looking too good right now (plus you can see the remnants of the spider bite), who would  have thought that doing 50 hour weeks would make you look crap?! Anyway, I was happy with how my eyes turned out - I used the 6th shade, the gold one on my lids. I opted for a fairly neutral lip colour because it was only a daytime event so going bright would  have been a bit overkill.

Hope you're all well xx
ps - if i'm absent for a while it means I'm struggling to post while dealing with my hectic schedule. Bear with me!

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